The City's water quality and supply is maintained by the Water Division, a department within the Sierra Madre Public Works. By providing consistently high quality service to the residents of Sierra Madre, we can ensure a safe and reliable method of water delivery for all users. We continue to look for ways we can improve and maintain the City's water infrastructure.

The Water Division has two sources by which they pump, treat, and distribute water. One source of the water supply is derived from four wells drawing from the East Raymond Basin aquifer. The second source is derived from two natural spring tunnels located in our foothills.

  1. Complete the enrollment form click here.
  2. Include $60 check, payable to the City of Sierra Madre
  3. Mail your application and payment to:

Sierra Madre Fire Department
Attn: Paramedic Subscription Program
242 W. Sierra Madre Blvd
Sierra Madre, CA 9102

The Sierra Madre Fire Department continues to provide the finest emergency medical care available to our city. By joining this program, you not only save money, but also contribute towards maintaining and improving this high quality of service.

For additional information, please contact the Fire Department at (626) 355-3611 or enroll in the Lifesaver Paramedic Subscription Program Application.